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Tomari no Wanshu (泊汪輯) Kata

Wanshu (ワンシュー,  汪輯) means “Wang’s Series (or Form)” and refers to the name of the diplomat Wang (1621 – 1689). Wang was the leader of a large ambassadorial mission from China sent by the Qing government in 1683 to the village of Tomari. A poet, calligrapher, diplomat, and martial artist in the Shaolin tradition of Fujian White Crane, he is often credited with teaching chu’an fa to the gentry of Tomari.

The Wanshu kata was either a creation of Wang’s, or composed by his students and named in tribute to him. There are 2 major versions of Wanshu Kata one is taught by master Ankoh Itosu and one practised and introduced in Tomari region.

Sensei Tanzadeh performing Tomari Wanshu Kata