Shitoryu Karate Canada – Shitoryu Karaté Canada

SKC Black Belt Technical Seminars

November 22nd, 2014 ( 11am to 1pm & 3pm to 6pm )

Chatan Yara “Kusanku” Analysis and Applications of 2 versions of Kata,

  • Tournament Version
  • Official Shitokai and WSKF Version

November 23rd, 2014 ( 10am to 1pm )

SKC Standards of Teaching Methods and Training Tools

 Place:  Hants Shore Karate Club

3284 Hwy. 215, Centre Burlington, Nova Scotia




Below are some links to a few places for accommodations when we have our directors clinic in November.

is within a few meters of the dojo where everything will be held.  It would have a very comfortable down-east atmosphere.

This one is reasonably priced but comfortable.  Close to Windsor. About 25 minutes from clinic location.

Is close to Windsor, Is a bit more expensive, but has a waterslide and facilities for a family.  It is also about 25 minutes from the clinic location.