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Kokan Oyadomari

Oyadomari Kokan

Kokan Oyadomari (1827-1905) was a disciple of the Chinese Annan (also Ahnan or Anan) and of Ason, a Chinese sailor or possibly a pirate. Annan was a castaway from a shipwreck along the coast of Okinawa, who took refuge in the cemetery of the mountains near Tomari. There is a legend which indicates that Annan was the master who taught the kata Chinto to Sokon Matsumura.

Oyadomari was also a disciple to two local masters: Kishin Teruya (1804-1864) and Giko Uku (1800-1850). From Teruya, Oyadomari learned Passai, Rohai, and Wanshu, and from Uku the kata Naifanchi. According Shoshin Nagamine (see “Tales of Okinawa’s Great Masters”, Tuttle Pub, Boston, 2000), Teruya was considered by Matsumora as his true master.