Shitoryu Karate Canada – Shitoryu Karaté Canada
the 18th Pan-American Shitoryu Karate Championships - Canada 2017

Technical Notes

Chinto (鎮 東) Kata

Chinto Kata

Chinto (meaning approximately “fighter to the east”) is an advanced kata practiced in Shitoryu Karate. It is named after a Chinese sailor whose ship crashed on the Okinawan coast. It is known that the kata Chinto was well-known to the early Tomari-te and Shuri-te schools of Karate. The kata is very dynamic, … Continue reading

Bassai Dai (拔 塞 大) Kata


Bassai Dai «To breach a Fortress»  This kata belongs to Shuri-te, from master Anko Itosu school summing up basic techniques with combination of attack and defense in serial movements. Forcefulness, strong spirit and overflowing power are manifested in this … Continue reading

Shisochin (四向鎮) Kata


Shisochin is a symmetrical kata from Nahate system  which has been introduced in Okinawa through Higaonna Sensei when he returned from his trip from Fujian of China. It begins with Sanchin dachi when applying three successive nukite zuki. There is a predominance of … Continue reading

Myojo (明 浄) Kata


Myojo Myojo means “morning star” however, the Kata derived its name from the name of the Japanese High School where Kenwa Mabuni Sensei attended to teach the students self defence. The Kata contains the self defence sequences that Mabuni Sensei … Continue reading

Kururunfa ( 久留 頓 破 ) Kata


Kururunfa ( 久留 頓 破 ) is an advanced kata from Nahate system brought back from China which was handed down to Higaonna Sensei. It features evasive as well as grappling maneuver and very quick movement.

Aragaki ha Unshu

Unshu by Tanzadeh

Aragaki ha Unshu (雲手), literally “cloud hands”, It contains many intricate hand techniques, such as the Ippon Nukite (one finger strike) in the opening sequence. Unshu was created by Seisho Aragaki sometime around 1860-1870. Aragaki was a Japanese and Chinese language … Continue reading

Aragaki ha Sochin


Sochin (壯鎭) (“Tranquil Force”) The rhythm of the kata is dynamic, it is characterized by slow, deliberate movements interspersed with explosive out-bursts of speed. Sochin in Shitoryu version, it employs several stances including nekoashi-dachi and Moto dachi . Rhythm is … Continue reading

Shitoryu Karate Canada – Syllabuses

Shitoryu Syllabus

Official Shitoryu Karate Canada Kyu level and Dan level ( up to Sandan ) Syllabuses. Click here to download the Shitoryu Karate Canada Dan & Kyu Syllabuses-Updated-2016     Click here to download the Shitoryu Karate Canada Dan & Kyu … Continue reading

Japanese Temrs for Body Parts and Sections


Japanese Temrs for Body Parts and Sections – Front View by Renshi Tanzadeh

Sokuto Geri

Renshi Tanzadeh Performing Sokuto Geri

Sokuto Geri is a cutting or stamping or a push kick to the area of the opponent’s knee with the outer edge of the foot(Sokuto). The purpose of this kick is creating a tear in the medial or lateral ligaments … Continue reading