Shitoryu Karate Canada – Shitoryu Karaté Canada


Certain things in the life require commitment. And the rewards you get from your commitment are equal to the work you put in. By learning how to keep the balance and to control good timing trained on a solid base, you can achieve great goals in your life.

Shitoryu Karate Canada Official Logo

Shitoryu Karate Canada Official Logo

Affiliation is not a patch, but a path which guides you to the right direction. It is an alignment of vision. Affiliation is about passion for the art and is about creating an environment that can be handed down to posterity.

Shitoryu Karate Canada is open to everyone who is brilliant, bold, dedicated to and passionate for Karate and Shitoryu. You must be motivated, willing to work, and unafraid of learning from mistakes in order to succeed.

At once, you start walking the path along with other members, you will start feeling the support from them. It doesn’t matter how fast or slowly you go. As long as you keep on moving forward with a positive attitude, you will be assured that you are in the Shitoryu family.

If you are interested in learning this art with us, visit one of the SKC Affiliates and Dojo in Canada listed below.


Shitoryu Karate Canada Executive Members and Dojo Directors.

Shitoryu Karate Canada (SKC),
Head Office

A. Tanzadeh, Founder & Technical Director

57 Glen Cameron Road, Markham, ON L3T 1P3
(Please Do Not Mail/ship anything to this address)
Tel: 416-402-7119
E-mail: ShitoryuCanada(at)  &  ShitokaiCanada(at)

Claude Larouche
Co-Founder of Shitoryu Karate Canad & Technical Director of Shitoryu Karate Quebec
Larouche Karaté Dojo

867 St-René Ouest, Gatineau
Québec, J8T 7X6
Téléphone: 819-568-4545

Shitoryu Karate Ontario (SKO)

  • Shitoryu Karate Canada (SKC), Head Office
    Chief Instructor: Allen Tanzadeh, Founder & Technical Director
    Assistant instructors: Sensei Saeid Arian
    57 Glen Cameron Road, Markham, ON L3T 1P3
    Tel: 416-402-7119
    E-mail: ShitoryuCanada(at)  &  ShitokaiCanada(at)
  • Shitoryu Karatedo & Fitness Centre
    Chief Instructor: Sensei Nasir Uddin,  WSKF 6th Dan
    1200 Aerowood Drive, Unit # 12A Mississauga, ON  L4W 2S7
  •  Shitoryu Karate Georgian Bay (SKGB)
    Chief Instructor: Sensei Margaret Horosko
    650 Randles Crescent, Midland, Ontario
    Tel: (705) 229-9704
  • Dojo Seienchin
    Chief Instructor: Veronica Ramos De Lugo
    26-1600 Mickleborogh Dr., London, Ontario
    Tel: (519) 630-2592

Shitoryu Karate Quebec (SKQ)

  • Larouche Karaté Dojo
    Chief Instructor: Shihan Claude Larouche

    867 St-René Ouest, Gatineau
    Québec, J8T 7X6 Téléphone: 819-568-4545
  • Guy Mony Karaté-Do
    Chief Instructor: Sensei Guy Mony
    495-114e Shawinigan sud Québec, G9P 2X6 Téléphone: 819-534-3999
  • École de Karaté St-Julie
    Chief Instructor: Sensei Martine Théoret
    201 Armand-FrappierSte-Julie Québec, J3E 1X5  Téléphone: 514-926-6240
  • Kamae Karaté Dojo St-André Avellin
    Chief Instructor: Sensei Pierre Boyer
    530 Charles-Auguste-MontreuilSt André-Avellin  Québec, J0W 1W0  Téléphone: 819-210-9212
  • Calmes Karaté Dojo
    Chief Instructor: Sensei Christian Calmes
    Centre d’activités SportmaxCollège Lionel-Groulx 40 rue St-Louis Ste-Thérèse, QC J7E 3G8
    Téléphone: 450-971-7826 –  Cell.: 514-445-9500
  • École de Karaté Marc Decotret
    Chief Instructor: Sensei Marc Decotret
    1111 St LouisGatineau, QC J8T 2R8  Téléphone: 819-246-3091

Shitoryu Karate Nova Scotia (SKNS)

  • Windsor Karate Club
    trains at 4404 Highway #1, Three Mile Plains,Hants Co NS
    Shihan David Griffin Chief Instructor & Technical Director of Shitoryu Karate Nova Scotia
    Assistant Instructors: Theresa Griffin Madelyn Bruhm ,
    Al Howatt , Karen Armour ,Dave Perry
    PO Box 874  Windsor, NS B0N 2T0  Tel: 902 798 1337
  • Hants Shore Karate Club
    3284 Hwy. 215 Centre Burlington, Nova Scotia
    Chief Instructor: Matthew Sullivan
    Tel: 902-792-7095  Email :
  • Digby Karate Club
    Meets at Digby Elementary School
    Chief Instructor: Sensei Dean Kenley
    Assistant Instructor: Chris Thibaudeau
    Victoria Street, Digby NS PO Box 1465 Digby NS B0V 1A0 Tel: 902 245 5000
  • Scotia Karate Club
    trains at: Stevens Road United Baptist Church,2 Stevens Road Dartmouth, NS
    Scotia Karate Club 4 Castleton Court Dartmouth, NS B2X 3M2
    Chief Instructor: Sensei Jeff McLaughlin  Tel: 902 462-0904
    Assistant Instructor: William Horne Tel: 902 434-1125

Shitoryu Karate Alberta (SKA)

  • Shitoryu Karate Alberta
    Chief Instructor: Sensei Stewart Price
    87 Heritage Heights  Cochrane AB  T4C 2R4
    Tel: 587-224-2432
    E-mail: shitoryukarateab(at)

Shitoryu Karate PEI (SKPEI)

  • Stratford Town Centre Gym Stage
    Chief Instructor: Alan Howatt
    12 Bradley Ln, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C0A 1T0
    Tel: 902-394-6891
    E-mail: peishitoryu(at)

Shitoryu Karate Manitoba (SKM)

  • Bushido-Kai Canada
    Chief Instructor: Sensei Angelo Mendoza
    194 Tache Avenue,
    Winnipeg MB, R2H 0X7
    Tel: 204-990-7887
    E-mail: sensei(at)

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