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Renzoku Kihon = Combination Basic Techniques


Shitoryu Karate Renzoku Kihon = Combination Basic Techniques Do left Chudan Shuto Uke on left Neko Ashi Dachi then kick with your front leg “left Chudan Mae Geri” then land your kicking leg forward on Hidari Zenkutsu Dachi, do right … Continue reading

Shitoryu Karate Uke Waza


Shitoryu Karate Basic Blocking Techniques  

Shitoryu Kihon – Chudan Shuto Uke


Chudan Shuto Uke = Middle Knife Hand Block, proper body, arms, hands and thumb positioning. From the book “Dynamic Shitoryu Karate” by A. Tanzadeh

Technical Seminar – Windsor, Nova Scotia – 2016

Shitoryu Seminar by Tanzadeh

Shitoryu Karate Canada Presents: Technical Seminars and Dan Examination (Nova Scotia Region) & book signing. Conducted by A.Tanzadeh, Renshi, 7th Dan June 18th and  19th, 2016 Windsor, Nova Scotia Hosted by Shihan David Griffin Location: 4404 Highway #1, Three Mile … Continue reading

SKC – Official Dojo Kun

Everyone who trains in Shitoryu karate Canada must know the dojo kun. At the end of each training session—whether it be at the dojo, after class, or after a technical Seminar. The dojo kun is repeated all together by the … Continue reading

Gojushiho (五十四歩) Kata


Gojushiho (五十四歩 lit. 54 steps “also called Useshi”) is a kata practiced in Shitoryu and represents of Shur-te system of Master Anko Itusu. It consists of many advanced open-handed techniques and attacks. Due to its difficulty, this kata is often reserved for advanced students, usually for … Continue reading