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The meaning of OSS!

OSS- to push, to endure The first kanji is the Japanese verb osu which means “push.” It symbolises the combat spirit, the importance of effort and the necessity to overcome all obstacles, push them aside and advance with a steady positive attitude. The second … Continue reading



5e COMPÉTITION ANNUELLE AMICALE Shito-Ryu Karaté Québec Séminaire Ste-Marie  5655, boul. des Hêtres, Shawinigan Samedi 9 avril 2016- 9h30 Pour tous ! 4 ans et plus  –  Ceintures blanches à noires Organisée par ShitoRyu Karaté Québec Directeur : Sensei Guy Mony   Informations : 819-534-3999

Jitte (十手) Kata

Sensei Tanzadeh Performing Jitte-Kata

Jitte or Jutte ‘十手’a kata used in Shitoryu, beginning with the characteristic kamae of the left hand covering the right, which apparently has roots in ancient Chinese boxing. Their origin is thought to be from the Shuri-Te School of Master … Continue reading

Itosu no Rohai Sandan (鷺牌) Kata

Sensei Tanzadeh Performing Itosu no Rohai Sandan

The Rohai (鷺牌) originated from the Tomari-te school of Okinawan martial arts. It was called Matsumora Rohai, after Kosaku Matsumora, who was presumably its inventor. Master Itosu later took this kata and developed three kata from it: Rohai shodan, Rohai … Continue reading

Keitai no Hoji

Sensei Tanzadeh Performing Shitoryu Basic Blocks

Keitai no Hoji = Using each technique in its proper place

Renzoku Kihon = Combination Basic Techniques (1)


Block & Punch Combination ( Chudan Yoko Uke, Chudan Gyaku Zuki “Middle Reverse Punch” ) Stand on Left Zenkutsu Dachi, Block with your left arm “Chudan Yoko Uke” then do Chudan Gyaku Zuki “Middle Riverse Punch” with your right hand. … Continue reading

Itosu no Rohai Nidan (鷺牌) Kata


The Rohai (鷺牌)  originated from the Tomari-te school of Okinawan martial arts. It was called Matsumora Rōhai, after Kosaku Matsumora, who was presumably its inventor. Master Itosu later took this kata and developed three kata from it: Rohai shodan, Rohai nidan, and Rohai sandan.  In Shitoryu beside “Matsumora ha Rohai, also precise … Continue reading

Heian (平安) Kata “Heian Shodan”


Heian or “Pin-an” Way of peace (literally, “Great Peace”, sometimes translated as “Calm Mind”, “Peaceful Mind”). The Heian kata series was introduced into the Okinawan School District karate program as gym training from 1905 to 1907 by Master Ankoh Itosu. … Continue reading