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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Naihanchi Shodan (ナイハンチ初段) Kata

Naihanchi (ナイハンチ) performed in Naihanchi-Dachi It translates to ‘Internal Divided Conflict‘ or “Inner Tension Stance”. The form makes use of in-fighting techniques. In  Naihanchi Shodan is the first San Kyu (Brown Belt Kata). There are three modern kata derived from this (Shodan, … Continue reading

Itosu no Rohai Shodan (鷺牌) Kata


The Rohai (鷺牌)  originated from the Tomari-te school of Okinawan martial arts. It was called Matsumora Rōhai, after Kosaku Matsumora, who was presumably its inventor. Master Itosu later took this kata and developed three kata from it: Rohai shodan, Rohai nidan, and Rohai sandan.  In Shitoryu beside “Matsumora ha Rohai, also precise … Continue reading

Tomari Chinto (泊鎮東) Kata


Tomari Chinto kata is a very traditional Japanese/Okinawan style kata from Tomari-te. Unlike the more commonly seen Chinto kata of of Master Itosu, which is performed in a straight line to the front and rear, Tomari Chinto is performed along a … Continue reading

Shitoryu Karate Canada Black Belts & Directors Meetings & Technical Seminars

Shitoryu Karate Canada presents Shitoryu Karate Canada Black Belts & Directors Meetings & Technical Seminars Saturday, March 19th, 2016 “Itosu Wanshu” & “ Tomari Wanshu” Analysis and applications of both versions Sunday, March 20th, 2016 “Standard Methods of Teaching in … Continue reading