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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Suparinpei (壱百零八) Kata

Suparinpei (壱百零八) is one of the original Kata from Ryu Ru Ko Sensei while he was in Fuzchou in the Fukien Province of Southern China and was handed down to Kanryo Higaonna Sensei. Visually it is similar to the Chinese White Crane Kata and the Kempo Kata of … Continue reading

Technical Seminars & Book Signing “Mississauga”

Shitoryu Karate Canada presents Technical Seminar & Book Signing Conducted by: A. Tanzadeh, Renshi, 7th Dan Hosted by: Sensei Nasir Uddin October 3rd, 2015     10 am to 12 pm Address:  Shito~Ryu Karatedo & Fitness Centre 1200 Aerowood Drive, … Continue reading