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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Jion (慈恩) Kata

Jion 慈恩 (“Mercy” or “Merciful sound”) is a representative kata in group of Master Itosu of Shuri-te system because of the importance of the perfection of the basic stances it contains. Jion with Ji’in and Jitte are group of katas … Continue reading

Seienchin セ イ エ ン チ ン (Lull in the storm)

Seienchin  セ イ エ ン チ ン (Lull in the storm) This kata belongs to Naha-te, from master Higaonna school. This is one of the most important kata in shitoryu karate. Tender and slow movements with deep breathing along with … Continue reading

Technical Seminars & Book Signing “Winnipeg”

Shitoryu Karate Seminar by Renshi Tanzadeh - Winnipeg

Shitoryu Karate Canada presents,  Technical Seminars & Book Signing October 10th & 11th, 2015 Conducted by: A. Tanzadeh, Renshi, 7th Dan Hosted by: Sensei Angelo Mendoza October 10th  10 am – 12 pm Children 2 pm – 5 pm Adults October … Continue reading

Heian (平安) Kata

Heian or “Pin-an” Way of peace (literally, “Great Peace”, sometimes translated as “Calm Mind”, “Peaceful Mind”). The Heian kata series was introduced into the Okinawan School District karate program as gym training from 1905 to 1907 by Master Ankoh Itosu. … Continue reading

Juroku (十六) Kata

Juroku «Sixteen», the word Juroku literally means ‘16’. This kata was made in the year of Showa 16, so it was named juroku’16’ in Japanese. There is no other meaning to this kata. It is a relatively modern kata developed … Continue reading